aznar residence barcelona, spain [ #16 Pedro Berruguete, Ciudad Diagonal, Esplugas de Llobregat

The structure extends itself across the site, at times deobjectifying itself into the landscape by integrating the exterior surrounding landscape within the interior spaces. The gestalt of the organic is explored and utilized both in its directionality as well as a formal device to mesh interior and exterior spaces. Two primary systems both formally and structurally define the project. Orthogonal concrete retaining walls run parallel to property lines reinforcing edges and acting as a plinth to the upper curving stone planes which appear as if floating within a geometric space solidly defined by its orthogonal base.

The planar quality of the stone walls further reinforced by floating them above the pool structure and by funcionally detaching and separating them in their extremities. Glass surfaces are disengaged acting as autonomous elements independent of the abutting wall surfaces. The exterior landscape is developed on four separate levels and acts as a continuation of the internal geometries of the house. Contrasting horizontal to vertical, light to dark, expansive to contained spatial conditions are present within the structure and its constructed landscape.